Update From Geoff


This week has been a bit of a nightmare for me.

I’ve always said that my strong arms are so very important . Throughout forty years of disability I have been very independent, mainly due to the wheelchair and the car.

I’ve always said that I need my arms more than most. However, on Saturday I felt pain as I used my right hand to brake using my hand controls.

During the night and on Sunday the pain got worse and in the end I phoned NHS DIRECT for advice and was told to go to A&E for a check up.

By this time the pain was extreme and I managed to survive when my friend who gave me a lift in his car had to drag me into the passenger seat!

An X-Ray showed I had a fracture in the elbow and suddenly all my plans had changed.
Now I have to rest the arm for six weeks and the slightest pressure on my hand causes pain to shoot up the arm.

I couldn’t get into bed or go to the toilet, cook or wash up and just managed to drag myself around the flat in my wheelchair.

When we are fit and well we take for granted normal bodily movements.

Something as simple as a minor fracture can make us aware of how important health is.

Social Services came and arranged for me to stay in a nursing home, so once again I am aware of the wonderful services of the NHS. In most countries I would be left to suffer. I’ll take a pile of self help personal development books to study so as to use the time productively.

How often do we get a few weeks when we can relax and study? Not often! Every situation is different yet in most cases we can find something beneficial if our attitude is right. Of course it’s not where I would CHOOSE to be at this time but this is my reality for the time being. I hope to learn from the experience and the situation and come home more focused and more determined than ever to reach my goals.

One thing I have learned to appreciate is the few friends that have made themselves available to help in the simple tasks that I have found impossible. Living with no legs and one arm is hard but there are many who have no legs AND no arms yet live extraordinary lives and are an inspiration to all around them.

One man, I think his you tube ID is FLIPPER, has no arms or legs yet travels the world speaking to young people in schools. What an extraordinary and talented man he is.

For millions, all they need is a wheelchair so as to fulfil their potential. Please donate so as to allow them the opportunity to meet their challenges.