Merlissa Cajate

Little did Merlissa Cajate realize how she would finish up the night she bumped her knee in 2013.

Today, March 18, 2017, we arrived in Barangay Taguibo. When I reached the house, Melissa was there waiting and smiling and I was very happy seeing her smile as she saw that we had brought the wheelchair. I tried talking to her and asked her some questions but was surprised she was not responding. Her Mom came in from the neighbour and told us that Merlissa is mute. So I talked to her Mom and discussed all that had happened and she said that Merlissa had got up in the night and bumped her knee on the bed. It was 2013 and she thought nothing of it till after a few months when the knee cap was swollen. The injury to the knee cap had eventually turned into a tumor of the bone. The Doctor decided that an above knee amputation was necessary.and she was hospitalized for more than 1 month giving the family a problem because they aren’t rich.

While giving the chair, Merlissa took my hands and was teary eyed. I could see her gratefulness from her eyes and her smiles. After a few minutes, she requested to be put in the wheelchair where I assisted her in the chair. She asked her Mom to go outside and tried the wheelchair. Easy mobility is what she has wanted, to at least reduce the pain she suffers for her disability.

The Wheelchair will be a great help for her getting around the house and to make it easy to assist anywhere she wants to go outside. Merlissa is a young woman with great potential and we are proud to be able to help her in this next step towards full independence.

Ms. Marnie Estareja, a worker from Department of Trade and Industry was with me during the giving of the wheelchair. She assisted Merlissa with the wheelchair and went outside. It was very nice and heart-warming to hear the thanks from them especially from her mother who is her main carer. Since 2013, Merissa was not able to go outside and had not even seen the sunlight because of her disability It was a nice experience. The distance was quite far but all worth it. Because of this, I am committing all my values and respect to the giving of wheelchairs. It is so nice when some people hug me and thank me. They said that I should extend their deepest thanks and happiness to you Geoff and for your supporters for your hard work and ceaseless dedication.