Johnny Guibon

On January 7th 2017 Mr. Johnny Guibon of Butuan, Philippines, suffered a severe Stroke.

He was rushed into Hospital and returned home paralysed and bedridden.

His daughter requested a Wheelchair and explained that she had recently had an operation for a brain tumour and had spent all spare money on the hospital fees. That is why they cannot buy a chair for the father.

We were able, through your generous donations, to buy the Wheelchair and with the help of the Department of Education representative office, were able to present the family with this gift.

The family was VERY happy and said this was a blessing because they can now put the father in the chair and go around when he feels better, especially because as in the coming weeks he has his follow up to a Doctor’s office.

The family did not know there are very Good Samaritans that give Wheelchairs to those who are in need.

It was truly a surprise and a blessing. The patient smiled when he saw the chair though he cannot yet speak. The family were very happy and gave all they could afford, a snack of a single biscuit and a glass of water.