German Ga-as

German Ga-as belonged to a decent family in the Barangay. He was a former president of the Catholic Church in St. John de Baptist in our Barangay and served as Barangay Councilor for 3 years. Before the Stroke he was a President of a log company before the business went out of business. He applied for another job and was a foreman. One day on his duty, he had numb feeling in the right part of his body and a was unable to talk properly. He was brought to the hospital by his workmates and diagnosed as a stroke victim.

Up to now, he is struggling to keep going and trying his best to get well. The need of a cane is very important for his mobility so he can walk through the street to get exercise, as the Doctor says he has the great chance to shape up and be back to normal if he has regular exercise. He is very happy because of this chance.

Upon receiving the cane, his wife was very happy and grateful even though he is not needing the chair but the cane will be a great help for them to have a greater view in life, both of them said thanks to me and to Geoff for the good will and giving the hope of life.

His wife is the President of the Catholic Church of Saint John de Baptist in Barangay Pagatpatan. The couple expressed their happiness when they received the cane.