Geoff at 67

It’s May 5th 2011 and I’m 67 today. Wow! How the years fly by! An annual event such as this is a very personal reminder and a reason for looking back.

The questions that arise are “What has my life been about so far” Have I fulfilled my destiny?” How many people have I been able to help and/or influence?” “Am I contributing more now than ever before?” What plans and goals do I have for the future?”

Of course we should be reviewing these questions every day, but an annual check up is good also.

This year for me has been a busy one. Every day I have attempted to move towards my goals and dreams in little ways, steadily progressing towards their manifestation. I cannot say there has been any great breakthroughs but altogether I’m satisfied that I’m nearer to the realisation of my goals than a year ago.

The main thing is my health is holding up and I’m more active now than ever before. I retain my independence and as a disabled person can say that I am “older and wiser” as the saying goes. Age certainly brings a wealth of experience and all the travel and seminars and projects are not in vain.

Next year, I want to see many projects moving forward and more people joining me in my quest to provide wheelchairs for needy people around the world. I want to be able to report next year on amazing growth and progress. I have a plan, I’m working that plan and know that each day brings me closer to its fulfilment.

My focus is on my goals. I am a positive and active person and hopefully a role model for many. I hope for many years more but should this be my last on this earth I am satisfied that I have run the course and done my part in making the world a better place.

Each of us is a small droplet in an oceon of humanity and from our own perspective we may not be accomplishing a lot but when all these drops are put together it makes a river and and eventually an oceon. The old song LET YOUR LITTLE LIGHT SHINE is true and never more relevant. Jesus said not to hide our light and that’s what I aim to do.

I’m EXCITED about my 67th year! I believe that as I continue to act and teach and motivate others, my destiny will be fulfilled. I’M GLAD TO BE ALIVE!