Arturo Corpuz

78 year old Mr Arturo Corpuz has been a farmer for more than 30 years. He used to go to the farm daily, to work and provide for his family. In October 2016, he was diagnosed diabetic with hypertension and found to have liver Schistosomiasis. He was brought to the hospital for a check up and his wife noticed that he could not move or walk  He is now on a catheter.  From then, he can only lay on his bed and told me that he sometimes cries because he cannot access mobility.

A neighbor of Mr. Corpuz, Miss Rizalyn Dellera, a staff member in the local news office, is the way the patient was found. Through Mr. Rodge Cultra who is an anchorman of a local TV news program and a co-worker of Miss Rizalyn, the wheelchair has been given. I approached Mr. Cultura if there is anybody else in need of a wheelchair and is poor, to contact me for them to make the application. The chair has now been received by Mr. Corpuz.  We wish Auturo a full and speedy recovery.

In tears, his wife told us that never in her life did she ever imagine that somebody will give a wheelchair to help her husband with his mobility. It is a great blessing for the whole family. They were very happy and full of gratitude, giving thanks to Wheelchairs For The World for their generous and timely help.