The disabled of the world have a basic human right to DIGNITY.


Translated to meaningful terms, that means the ability to move around freely using a wheelchair.


If you were disabled and prevented from walking, you would surely rightly expect to be provided with the means to get around. In rich counties that is a basic right and we take for granted and in the UK the excellent Wheelchair Service funded by the NHS.




They are left to crawl in the dirt and filth or to be carried by caring family members to even cross the room to visit the toilet. The human spirit rises to this incredible challenge and it is amazing to see the courage of these people as they surmount seemingly impossible difficulties.


Can we continue to leave them in this condition?


Many of these are children, born with crippling disease or injured by landmines and the results of war. The pain they feel is increased by the indignity of their lack of mobility.


In rich countries they would never be left to suffer in this way.


What would you think if on your next trip to the Shopping Centre you saw a child or adult dragging themselves from shop to shop ON THE FLOOR! You would be outraged and demand that the management make provision for them by providing a wheelchair service. The SHOPABILITY charity do a magnificent job providing Wheelchairs on loan for the day so that the disabled can shop in comfort. Nothing like this exists in the developing world. We leave 130 million or more people to do just that, with the difference that they do not crawl through our pristine, sanitized and clean Shopping Malls, but through the dirt and mud of the streets in the towns in which they live, unable to shop anyway, because they are too poor and a burden on their overstretched and equally poor families. They cannot EVER afford to save for a wheelchair! It is simply beyond their reach.


Can the world afford 130 million of these life changing machines?


The answer is a resounding YES! It costs approximately $200 (£100) to deliver a chair to a disabled person in the Developing World. When we are able to buy in bulk, that can be reduced. Imagine disabled people waiting the shipment of their wheelchair with eager anticipation! Imagine the joy as they receive their gift of mobility! If it was YOUR child that was disabled, would you leave him or her to suffer throughout their childhood? Or would you fight tooth and nail to provide what they needed, especially the BASIC of needs, that of mobility. If we COMBINE OUR RESOURCES, those in need right now would receive the best gift of their lives!




There has been a lot of talk in recent years with the “Make Poverty History” campaign and the GB commitments to eradicate poverty in poor countries. Billions have been pledged to eliminate Debt and provide Aid yet in the midst of all this activity, a forgotten minority, approximately 130 million disabled people have been abandoned. Their needs have not been highlighted. As they suffer in silence, they need a voice to speak for them, and my goal is to be that voice! They are too poor and too disadvantaged to fight their own battles. Their battle is a daily one of survival. They don’t have the resources to launch an appeal. They have abandoned hope that anyone cares. A RESCUE MISSION is called for and that is the purpose of the WHEELCHAIRS FOR THE WORLD. I am myself a Double Amputee, having lost both legs in an accident in 1972 when I fell under a train at Watford Junction Station. I know how much a Wheelchair means when you cannot walk… from personal experience. This is a worldwide disaster on the same scale as the TSUMARI, EARTHQUAKES, or the FAMINES of Africa and it increases year by year.


My challenge to you is to do your part and make a donation today!


Not everyone can sponsor a Wheelchair but EVERYONE can give a little and if I can find 130 million people who will give $200, the needs of ALL the disabled will be met.donate-button-md Many will be able to give far more, and many have already given $1,000 or more! Some may do a fundraising event and collect enough to transform a person’s life! Businesses, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, Clubs, Schools and individuals, PLEASE make a DONATION NOW and spread the word about this worthy cause. Act now! It won’t take long to solve this problem if we ALL PULL TOGETHER and treat it with the seriousness it deserves. It’s a feasible project…. not a pipedream…but it needs ACTION. Don’t leave it to the next person to carry the load. We accept large and small donations as every penny helps, and remember, just $200 buys a chair and that can change a life! Help buy a wheelchair TODAY… CLICK ON DONATE right now! and transform a disabled person’s life!

About Us

In 1972 I was the Paster of a small non-denominational Church in Hemel Hempstead and leader of a youth movement called JESUS LIBERATION FRONT. The movement had spread rapidly throughout the country and when the unique cross-carrying evangelist Arthur Blessit ( came to Ireland, six weeks later he left about 3000 young people that had become Christians.

Vision Statement


Wheelchairs For The World campaign for equal rights for all people living with disabilities, providing them as funds permit, with the Medical Equipment they need to gain mobility and independence. We campaign for disabled access in homes, on the streets and in business premises, empowering people living with disabilities to achieve their full potential within society with, dignity, respect. and pride.

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